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Check back in for the latest updates concerning The Wild Horse. You can also check


On Friday I cleared out a wall of goatheads unlike anything I have seen in the Cedars. On the east side of Hastings Pass there was a swath that was three feet deep, edge-to-edge on the road and more than 20 feet long. No way any bike makes it through this without sealant. Please make sure you have fresh sealant in your tires! If you can’t hear it sloshing, it is not in there. This stuff dries out over time. Stan’s NoTubes is a long-time supporter of The Wild Horse and Quick Release Racing’s former pro teams. Great stuff. Come prepared.

Course marking

Pedaling The Wild Horse is very challenging. Finding your way should not be a part of the challenge. We strive to have a very clearly marked course. This year we are experimenting with chalk-based paint on rocks after each intersection. Follow the paint. For the first few years we used partial ski slalom gates. The cattle on range are excited to use anything vertical as a scratching post, and knocked down many of the markers. Last year we used small survey flag markers. The cattle chewed the plastic flags. Yesterday as I was backtracking on part of the route, I watched a cow licking one of the painted rocks. We’ll see how this goes.

— Posted on Saturday, April 20, 2019 —

It's On!

The Wild Horse and Little Wild Horse are back for 2019. Same route, same location. Our event calendar in Utah is crowded, so we know we have to go up against some long-established events. It is great that Utah cyclists have so many choices! It is too bad we can't do them all. We know your time, money and energy are not limitless. We hope you will consider The Wild Horse when you are planning your Spring 2019 riding schedule.

-- Updated Tuesday, February 5, 2019 --

Thank you!

Thanks to all who took part in our ride on Saturday! It was a crowded event weekend, and we are glad you chose to spend your day with The Wild Horse. A special thanks to all of the volunteers who made this day possible. Preliminary results are posted. Please let me know of any errors, omissions, misspelled names, etc. Hope to see you in 2019!

Just a few days away!

For those of you not following along with the regular updates on Facebook, here are some important things to know. Registration closes at midnight on Thursday. There is no day-of registration. Check-in info, start times and directions can all be found in the FAQ at the bottom of this page. KOM/QOM payout and rules same as last year, and there is still the TrueNorth Wealth $100 payout for the first woman and first man to break the course record, plus more money for the Scholarship Fund.

Prize Draw Table

More awesome Kuhl clothes than you can fit in one suitcase, wheelsets from Mavic and Stan’s NoTubes, gift certificates from TRP, helmet and glasses from POC, headlamps from Black Diamond, gift certificates from local bike shops, including Wasatch Touring, Storm Cycles, Flynn Cyclery and Contender Bicycles, and much, much more.

What’s in my goodie bag?

Wild Horse socks with the new reinforced heel and toe, but still in the great, soft bamboo. Hammer Nutrition Hammer Gel and Endurolytes samples and info. Discount code from Toko. Literature for other Utah gravel events. NoTubes sealant sample. And a cool compact reusable Wild Horse grocery bag. No more plastic bag recycling in SLC, so learn to leave the plastic behind!

Results posted

The preliminary results from 2017, including KOM/QOM, have been posted. Let me know if I need to make corrections. Go here for overall results and here for KOM/QOM.

-- Posted Monday, May 8, 2017 --

Dreaming of the finish line

Hot! Saturday will be a scorcher! Be sure to bring a camp chair, so after you finish you can sit under the shade of our tents eating your tacos and watermelon (we provide). Want a cold beverage? If it is something other than water or Heed, you need to bring your own. You are welcome to do so. The gas station is only 100 meters away and has a cooler full of tall cans of macrobrews. Alas, they sell nothing brewed in Utah. But you can bring your own.

-- Posted Thursday, May 4, 2017 --

Start times and other important info

Be sure to check out the FAQ page for information concerning start times, cut-off times, aid stations, goodie bag and number pickup, and more.

-- Posted Sunday, April 30, 2017 --

Prize drawing table

Outstanding clothing from KUHL, complete wheelset from Stans NoTubes, innovative Hy/Rd brakes from TRP, gift certificates from Wasatch Touring, Wild Rose Sports, Contender Bicycle and Flynn Cyclery, headlamps and gloves from Black Diamond, coffee from Park City Coffee Roaster, tires from Terrene .... The prize drawing table will be loaded. And every dollar of every additional ticket will go directly to the NICA Utah League Scholarship Fund.

-- Posted Friday, April 21, 2017 --

gpx files on the Course pages

You can find a downloadable gpx file of each of the routes now in the Course pages.

-- Posted on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 --

TrueNorth Wealth Challenge is back!

Break the course record, earn an extra $250 for the Utah League Scholarship Fund! If both records fall, that's $500 toward getting more high school kids on mountain bikes. Current record holders Roger Arnell and Meghan Sheridan will be back again this year. Details at

-- Updated Wednesday, March 22, 2017 --

It's On!

The Wild Horse and Little Wild Horse are back for 2017. Our event calendar in Utah is crowded, so we know we have to go up against some long-established events. It is great that Utah cyclists have so many choices! It is too bad we can't do them all. We know your time, money and energy are not limitless. We hope you will consider The Wild Horse when you are planning your Spring 2017 riding schedule.

-- Updated Monday, January 30, 2017 --


News updates from the 2016 and 2015 events are below. Note that all elements present in 2016 might not be present in this year's event.

Thank You!

The Wild Horse 2016 was a blast! Sunny and hot, for sure. Meghan Sheridan smashed the course record and earned another $250 for the NICA Utah League Scholarship Fund. The prize drawing table featured incredible goodies. The Aid Station staffs (all HS MTB teams) were outstanding. Hope to see  you back for more of The Wild Horse in 2017!

Results from 2016 can be found here. KOM/QOM results are here.


The Wild Horse is postponed to Saturday, May 14, 2016. 

Just returned from the Cedars to check out conditions. Within two miles of the start, it was so slippery as to make it challenging to even walk. The forecast is for rain Saturday from early morning through the start of the ride. In these conditions, it would be impossible to keep a bicycle upright and moving forward. It would be impossible to get aid station workers to their locations. It would be impossible to get emergency vehicles on course. 

The safety of riders and volunteers is the most important element in this choice. This is not an easy call, and I know some of you will have a conflict with May 14. I am sorry for this.

All riders will be automatically registered for the May 14 date. A detailed email will go out today to all registered riders concerning options.

-- Updated Thursday, April 28, 1 P.M. --

Monday weather update

As you might know, rain and mud are not trivial elements in the Cedars. It can produce a situation that limits the possibility of safe travel for emergency vehicles. Safety of riders and volunteers is the top priority.

For now I am cautiously optimistic that the event will go as scheduled this Saturday, April 30. The weather forecast models still show some disagreement, but are looking not too bad.

I also had some very positive reports from the route on Sunday. Despite heavy rain on Saturday, one person rode the entire Little Wild Horse route and others drove the entire route of The Wild Horse on Sunday without incident.

I will be making the final call no later than 6 P.M. on Thursday, April 28. If I do not think we can reasonably expect safe conditions, the event will be postponed to Saturday, May 14.

Registration deadline has been moved back to 11:59 P.M. on Thursday, April 28. There is no registration after that, unless the event date moves to May 14.

-- updated Monday, April 25 --

Cash in!

Fast? Make some money at The Wild Horse. We are paying out for KOM/QOM, in both The Wild Horse and Little Wild Horse. Details can be found under the The Course tab, at 

We have already announced the True North Wealth Challenge, where a record-setting ride earns $250 for the Utah League Scholarship Fund. If you are the first to break that record, you will also pocket $100. Details under the NICA tab, at

-- updated Wednesday, April 13 --


Heading out to ride a portion of the route is a great way to get a sense of what you are facing on event day. For those who are thinking about riding The Wild Horse, getting out for a loop of the Little Wild Horse course is a good call. The Wild Horse distance is 2.4x the Little, elevation is 2.7x more. 

Respect the rain! If the weather forecast is looking iffy, consider riding elsewhere. When the rain hits, certain sections of the route become impassible to ANY vehicle, including your bicycle. This is especially true of the NE corner of the route, nearest to Delle. 

Earlier date this year

Last year's record rains forced the event date to be moved back two weeks. Then we had a day that was 10 degrees hotter than the historical average for that date. This year, we are almost four weeks earlier. Average high for this date is in the low 60s.


Want to get a sense of what to expect? The 31 mile Little Wild Horse route is a good start. A map of the course can be found under the Course drop-down. If you are up for a bit more, you can do a 56 mile loop starting from the Aragonite side. Take plenty of water! there is not any to be found out there when you are pre-riding. Of course we will have you covered on event day.


News updates from the 2015 event are below. Note that all elements present in 2015 might not be present in this year's event.

The Switch

Concerned about the heat and distance of The Wild Horse? You can choose to switch to the 31-mile Little Wild Horse at check in. Just let us know.

Prize drawing table

Rims from Stans NoTubes, tires from Kenda Tires USA, cleaning and lube products from ProGold Bikes, great clothing from KUHL, outstanding Hy/Rd brakes from TRP, gift certificates from Flynn CycleryBikeFitr and Gear RushHammer Nutrition product, bike storage solutions from Feedback Sports, gloves, backpack and lantern from Black Diamond, shoes from Keen .... The prize drawing table will be loaded. And every dollar of every additional ticket will go directly to the NICA Utah League Scholarship Fund. More tickets will be available at check-in.

Gimme Five!

Catch the cash rabbit, say "gimme five!" and he'll peel off a $5 bill for you. You have to catch him before the top of Hastings Pass, at mile 15, and he gets a 5 minute head start. Don't worry, he won't be going too fast. There will be some cash for the Little Wild Horse, too.

-- updated Friday, May 29 --

Hot hot hot!

Sunny and 80 might not sound too bad, but few of us have seen these conditions yet this year. Show up with your bottles filled! There will be plenty of ice and water at each aid station, as well as Hammer Nutrition HEED drink mix and a limited supply of Hammer Endurolytes Fizz tablets. Sunscreen and other snacks, too, of course. Drink up!

Strava segments

If you like to play along on Strava, you will find two climbing segments created for The Wild Horse and one for the Little Wild Horse. Under segment search, type Wild Horse and options will start to appear. For those of you new to Strava, it is free to sign up, free to upload activities, and can work with a GPS-enabled cycling computer or a smart phone.

-- updated Monday, May 25 -- 


The BLM has strongly suggested that The Wild Horse be postponed based on the weather forecast. A detailed message has been sent via email to all registered participants. The Wild Horse is being moved back two weeks, to Saturday, May 30. Sorry about this. It was a hard call to make, but safety of participants and volunteers trumps all. BLM was concerned about the very real prospect of rain making some portions of the route impassable even to 4WD vehicles. If we cannot get emergency responders to you we cannot have a safe event.

Registration will reopen by Friday, May 15, and close at 11:59 P.M. on Wednesday, May 27. No need for registered riders to reregister or change anything.

If you are registered already and cannot make May 30, there are many options. Want to transfer your entry to a friend or get a rain check for 2016? Drop an email to That doesn't work for you? Drop an email to 

Sorry for the inconvenience. I know your play time is limited and valuable, and I appreciate that you chose to spend some of that time with The Wild Horse. I am hoping you can still join us on May 30.

-- posted Thursday, May 14, at 7:25 P.M. --


Drop bags

Forecast for event day looks like it might be a bit chilly at 9 A.M., perhaps around 60. You can start with that extra vest, arm warmers and knee warmers and NOT have to carry them all day. At every aid station you can take advantage of our drop bags. Leave extra layers in a bag, tape it shut, write your rider number on the bag. It will be returned to the start/finish for you. Note that you might get to the finish before your extra clothing. We supply bags, tape and markers at each aid station.

Prize Drawing schedule

Great stuff to be had! And it supports the Utah League high school MTB Scholarship Fund. You do not have to be present to win. We expect the average rider to finish The Wild Horse around 4 P.M. The drawing will begin at 4:30 P.M. Still out on the course? Or finished the Little Wild Horse at 1 P.M., had your tacos and headed home? If your ticket is pulled, we will get your prize to you. Additional tickets will be available at check in. Every dollar of every additional ticket will go directly to the Scholarship Fund.

-- updated Friday, May 8 --

Getting to the start

The Wild Horse will start and finish in Delle, Utah. Delle is 52 miles west of downtown Salt Lake City on I-80. The speed limit is 80 mph most of the way, so it is a short drive. Head west on I-80 to the Delle exit. Cross under the interstate, turn right on the frontage road (not the off-ramp!) and head about 100 yards west. You are there! 

-- updated Monday, May 4 --

Medical support

The University of Utah Department of Family and Preventive Medicine will be providing medical support during The Wild Horse. They will have medical professionals at the start/finish as well as out on course.

Taco truck

Each participant will get a ticket good for two tacos, rice and beans from the taco truck that will be at the finish. The taco truck will be serving from 1 P.M. (for Little Wild Horse finishers) until 6:30 P.M. (should cover the slowest finisher for The Wild Horse). Additional tacos can be purchased by you, family or friends.

Prize drawing table goodies

As of April 29, offerings include several pieces of clothing, for men and women, from Kuhl, MTB and CX tires from Kenda, Kenda t-shirts, bike storage devices from Feedback Sports, one set of Hy/Rd cable-pull hydraulic brakes from TRP, four gift certificates from Flynn Cyclery, one pair of shoes, your choice, from Keen, two sets of rims (Crest, Flow, Arch, Alpha 340, Alpha 400, Iron Cross) from Stan's NoTubes, a complete bike fit from BikeFitr, Hammer Nutrition products, certificates waiving commission fees from Gear Rush, bike cleaning supplies from ProGold,....